Sara Bichão | 'Entre Lá' at Casa Conti - Ange Leccia, Corsica


Galeria Filomena Soares is please to announce the participation of Sara Bichão at the group exhibition ” Entre Lá ” at Casa Conti – Ange Leccia, Corsica.

April 02, 2023 – June 04, 2023

Thee exhibition project Entre là (Between there) at the contemporary art center Casa Conti -Ange Leccia (Corsica) starts from a thinking about insularity to be interested especially in the space which is between – in what can make an archipelago, what makes a link or not.

What happens between two islands? Here, the island mutates, it is a body, a unit. The ambition of the exhibition frees itself from the piece of land in the sea, to see the metaphor. Why do we want to leave our island, and to (re)find what, or who? What horizon do we share? !is space between us, how do we inhabit it, through our dreams, our imaginations, our projections? If this space is the one of the crossing, of
the transition, with all its beauties, discoveries and obscurities, it is also the one of the floating. It is the place of the liminality, the one of the disorder and the unconscious which is always, or often, carried by the space of the relation, if only by the object or the subject that we want to reach.

Films and videos – The exhibition is composed exclusively of videos and films. They will be projected or visible on TV monitors, may take the form of an installation, or even for some, of a projection of mental images that will function as a sound peregrination.

Inhabiting the house – The curators wanted to inhabit the house, with a scenography that presents works in its cellars, at the entrance, upstairs in the closet, to the point of leaving the walls of the Conti house, since at certain times, we may see a film appear on the house opposite.

A scenography by wave – !e scenography is moving even in its content: indeed,according to the hours of visit, the public will discover a different course of films/videos. The experience is unique, the programming not fixed. The most rigorous visitors will be able to watch online on the Casa Conti website (in progress) the films/videos they missed during the exhibition.

The horizon is multiple – The artists come from Greece, Paraguay, Brazil, Haiti, Iran, Korea, France – Corsica, Senegal, Australia, Colombia (work realized between the Algerian border and the Spanish enclave of Melilla), Portugal and Cuba (the 2 Cuban artists live in Spain like many Cubans. This is also the Mediterranean: it drains its former colonies. The archipelago is infinite).

Curated by: Madeleine Filippi and Claire Luna

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Entre Lá - Casa Conti