Exposição colectiva 2.0 | Group exhibition 2.0
13.01 - 24.02.2024


Press Release

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the diverse and captivating realm of contemporary art as we present an exhibition featuring a stellar lineup of artists. From the innovative mind of Andreia Santana to the thought-provoking creations of Carlos Motta, Pedro Barateiro, and beyond, this showcase promises an exploration of multifaceted perspectives that transcend conventional boundaries.

United by a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, these artists delve into a rich tapestry of themes and techniques. Themes of identity, memory, and socio-political commentary weave through the collection, creating a dynamic dialogue that resonates across diverse mediums.

The exhibition not only showcases the individual brilliance of each artist but also invites audiences to uncover the common threads that unite them. Anticipate a convergence of ideas, narratives, and visions that challenge the boundaries of art, inviting you to engage, question, and appreciate the ever-evolving landscape of creativity.