Sara Bichão | 'SLOW GALA' at SixtyEight Art Institute in Copenhagen

Galeria Filomena Soares is pleased to share with the public the opening of SLOW GALA at the SixtyEight Art Institute in Copenhagen. This last and final group exhibition, takes place in the context of the two-year exhibition program called Memories of Saturn, brings together works by Sara Bichão, Manon Harrois, Valentina Desideri and Lawrence Weiner, was curated by Maša Tomšič and Andrea Rodríguez Novoa, and opens to the public at Gothersgade 167. KBH K., next Friday, November 4, at 6pm.


«The project explores affect - here understood as physical movement - as a central impetus for the possibilities of growth and change. The focus is then shifted to slow-paced dynamics - the gala, in fact - as part of a curatorial approach aimed at framing such affect. The Gala is seen as a transformational event and a moment of aesthetic meditation that leads to a discussion of whether it can create possibilities for transition into potentially different ways of being.»


Sara Bichão's artwork 0which is an installation of a sculpture that was unveiled during an action for the BoCA Biennale last year. Initially the work was frozen in a cylinder of ice with the human weight, and crossed the river in the water, dragged by oar, melting until it reached the other shore.


SixtyEight Art Institute would like to thank Instituto Camões, the Portuguese Embassy in Denmark, and Isabel Sarmento for their support.



0, Sara Bichão, 2021.

Courtesy of BoCA Biennial of Contemporary Arts, Lisbon

© Bruno Simão.



Sources: SixtyEight Art Institute



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