Carlos Motta | Talk about 'The Columbus Assembly'

Galeria Filomena Soares is pleased to share with the public a Virtual Conversation between the artist Carlos Motta and the art historian and co-founder of the Symbolic Repair Research Project, Ana María Reyes, taking place on October 26th at 6pm.


The conversation will focus on Motta's latest work, The Columbus Assembly, his first multi-channel sound installation made with the support of a Wexner Center Artist Residency Award. The work calls into question what is at stake in the renaming of Columbus, Ohio - the largest city in the world named in honor of Christopher Columbus. Motta and Reyes will discuss legacies of colonialism, commemoration, transitional justice, reparations and more in this conversation.


The Columbus Assembly is on display at the exhibition Carlos Motta: Your Monsters, Our Idols at Wex in Columbus, Ohio, until December 30, 2022.


Image: Installation view of Assembleia de Colombo A project by Carlos Motta. Eight channel sound installation with carpet and text mural on wall. Dimensions variable, 26 min. Script adapted by Carlos Motta from conversations with Amna Akbar, Laura Barrera, Kate Beane, Marcelo Hernandez Castillo, Karma Chávez, Gina Dent, Ambrose DuPree, Indigo Gonzales Miller, Saeed Jones, John N. Low, Twinkle Panda, Joseph M. Pierce, Martin Joseph Ponce, Ana María Reyes, Chase Strangio, Susan Stryker, Mary E. Thomas, and Mabel O. Wilson
Performed by Michael Charles, Noah Demland, Felicia de Rosa, Indigo Gonzales Miller, Marcus Morris, Sara Pardo Fishburn, Vicki Saunders, and Joseph Ze Soza
Sound editor: Lidia Tamplenizza. Sound Production: Joey Gurwin, Oranjudio
Installation design: Carlos Motta and Composite Co. Text mural “Beloved” inspired by the words of Saeed Jones
Supported by a Wexner Center Artist Residency Award


© Carlos Motta



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