Pedro Barateiro
1979 , Almada

Pedro Barateiro lives and works in Lisbon, Barateiro's training in drawing, sculpture, video and writing was augmented by his training with a master's degree at the Malmö Art Academy, Lund University (Sweden) and the Independent Study Program in Visual Arts at Maumaus - School of Visual Arts (Lisbon). He has also developed his practice in residencies at Air Antwerpen (Antwerp), Pavillon - Palais de Tokyo (Paris), ISCP (New York), Sítio das Artes, CAM - Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Lisbon), Spike Island (Bristol) and Galeria Zé dos Bois (Lisbon). Solo exhibitions in Netwerk, (Aalst); Basement Roma (Rome); Néon (Lyon); REDCAT (Los Angeles); Museu Colecção Berardo (Lisbon); Kettle's Yard (Cambridge); Parkour (Lisbon); Kunsthalle Lissabon (Lisbon); Kunsthalle Basel; Lumiar Cité (Lisbon); Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves (Porto); MARCO - Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo; Pavilhão Branco - Museu da Cidade (Lisbon); Spike Island (Bristol).

His work has been included in exhibitions such as the Sharjah Biennial 13, 29th São Paulo Biennial; 16th Sydney Biennial; 5th Berlin Biennial; Palais de Tokyo (Paris); Fondazione Guiliani (Rome); Firstsite (Colchester); ngbk (Berlin); M HKA (Antwerp); SESC Pompeia and Videobrasil (São Paulo); Crac Alsace (Altkirch); Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves (Porto); Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Lisbon); ar/ge Kunst (Bolzano); Le Plateaux - Frac Île-de-France (Paris); Centro Galego de Arte Contemporânea (Santiago de Compostela). His works have been presented at TNDMII (Lisbon); Centre Pompidou (Paris); Teatro Rivoli (Porto); ZHdK (Zurich); 98Weeks (Beirut); Théâtre de la Ville (Paris), L'école nationale supérieure des beaux-arts -ENSBA (Paris), Fondation Ricard (Paris); M HKA/ Cinema Zuid (Antwerp); Centro Cultural São Paulo (São Paulo) Galeria Vermelho (São Paulo); Teatro São Luiz (Lisbon) and Teatro Praga (Lisbon), among other venues. Barateiro runs the space Spirit Shop (, and was one of the members of Parkour (, an artist run space started with 7 other artists as part of Avenida 211 in Lisbon, and which ran from 2012 to 2014. Among his many collaborations he edited, with Ricardo Valentim, the books Temporary Collaborations and ACTIVITY.

"Pedro Barateiro, in the continuity of the concerns of his work, promotes an approximation of the artist to the spectator, insofar as, in a late-capitalist framework, the latter was reduced to a consumer and his perception was circumscribed to the binomial desire and expectation conditioned by the market. It is through this assumption that he proceeds to a deconstruction of the changes in the perception of the objects or images he presents. This attention implies a drift that the networks of meanings of these same objects and images convoke, as if a certain field of signification, in order to constitute itself, had to refer to another, and so on. Hence the hybridity of the elements that constitute his works. It is the weaving of Pedro Barateiro's world, like ours, which long ago saw lost the illusions of a systematicity capable of arranging all these objects. His strangeness manifests the conflicting intersection between powers, values, and knowledge. His works and more specifically each image, object, film or sculpture thus occupy a frontier position and a place of conflict where the naturalization of tensions and the mystification of phantasmagorias, caused by the differences of the practices and systems that articulate them, are revealed and deconstructed in the various narratives of the exhibition." Pedro Lapa, 2015


Selected Works

Some of the best



Abismo is the title of a work that included a sculpture, a sound piece, and an edition.

Group Exhibition | Maré

Under the title "Maré", the present exhibition takes as its starting point the core of artists represented by Galeria Filomena Soares.

Pedro Barateiro | Saga

Galeria Filomena Soares is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition of the artist Pedro Barateiro, entitled Saga.

Pedro Barateiro | Spell

Galeria Filomena Soares presents the solo exhibition of the artist Pedro Barateiro (Almada, 1979), entitled Feitiço / Spell, opening on 17 January, Thursday, at 21:30, and open until 9 March 2013.



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