GÜNTHER FÖRG | Foundation Beyeler (Riehen, Switzerland)



Günther förg

Foundation Beyeler (Riehen, Switzerland)

until 5.04


The Fondation Beyeler is presenting an exhibition project by Günther Förg (b. 1952), comprising wall paintings and photographs. In the stringent installation on the lower museum floor, the colors of the murals infuse the space with an intense atmosphere of contrasting warm and cold tones. The twenty-one large-format photographs with their reversed lighting conditions, have the effect of vague, dreamlike images, in which the lucidity of modern architecture dissolves into melancholy speculations.


Förg lives and works in Munich and Colombier, Switzerland. Since 1999 he has been teaching as a professor at the Munich Academy of Visual Arts. Ever since his participation in Documenta IX (1992) at the latest, Förg has been viewed as one of the most interesting German artists of his generation