Günther Förg | ALTANA Kulturstiftung im Sinclair-Haus (GERMANY)





Günther Förg - An New Departure for Colour

ALTANA Kulturstiftung im Sinclair-Haus (GERMANY)


5 March - 30  May 2010

The ALTANA Cultural Foundation will be showing roughly recent works by Günther Förg (born in 1952), many of which are being presented for public view for the first time in this exhibition: painted-over monotypes, pen and ink drawings, pastels, watercolours, and one painting.
Günther Förg's pictorial vocabulary was developed on the basis of abstraction.


The artist has always sought to banish detailed figuration from his images. Whether he paints vibrating colour fields or irregular grids, Förg always succeeds in liberating the energy of colour in its purest form. The artist describes these works as "fiercely abstract".  They seem like the notes of a melody consisting of harmony and dissonance and, depending on the composition of the colours, they render a wide variety of sounds and moods. Thus, the intense colour compositions alsoallow for landscape or floral associations. Embodied within each of these works is an exciting "new departure for colour".