Founded in 1999, Galeria Filomena Soares focuses on stimulating contemporary artistic production, aiming at a productive dialogue between artists, curators, agents and institutions active on the national and international scene.


The gallery is located in the eastern part of Lisbon which was, for decades, a determining industrial pole for the growth of the city and is nowadays one of the areas with the highest incidence of urban reconversion actions. The gallery space, with about 1000 m2, is composed of two rooms with different scales and means, which allow the hosting of very different exhibitions and artistic events.


Its dedication to contemporary creation is reflected by the artists it represents, whose practice stems from multiple horizons, providing an abundant programme in dialogue between the commitments and practices of each one. Thus, it has been collaborating with international curators - such as David Rimanelli, Rosa Martinez, Jurgen Bock, Ulrich Loock, João Silvério, Alexandre Melo or David Rosenberg - being one of the prospective lines in permanent development.


The gallery's programming is guided by a strategy that aims to establish relationships of continuity with authors working in the most diverse means of artistic expression. Active in both primary and secondary markets, the gallery also represents its artists at all major international art fairs.


The gallery has organised over 70 solo exhibitions since it opened in 1999 and actively promotes the work of emerging national and international artists. In its almost 25 years of existence, the gallery continues to make its mark as an integral part and driving force of the national and international art market, remaining focused and determined to maintain it.

Galeria Filomena Soares currently represents the following artists:

Andreia Santana, Carlos Garaicoa, Carlos Motta, Christine Sttreuli, Dan Graham, Délio Jasse, Dias & Riedweg, Didier Faustino, Edgar Martins, Fernanda Fragateiro, Frederik Værslev, Günther Förg, Helena Almeida, Herbert Brandl, Igor Jesus, João Penalva, Kiluanji Kia Henda, Letícia Ramos, Miguel Rio Branco, Pedro Barateiro, Peter Zimmermann, Rui Chafes, Sara Bichão, Shirin Neshat.

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Rua da Manutenção nº 80 (Xabregas)
1900-321 Lisboa | Portugal

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