Rui Chafes | CHEGAR SEM PARTIR at Serralves

In the context of Chegar sem partir by Rui Chafes, at Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, in Porto, during the weekend of September 17th and 18th, there will be two distinct moments that unite Sculpture and Dance.


Conversation | Rui Chafes and Vera Mantero


A dialogue between the artist and the choreographer about their collaboration, its importance, and how their particular understanding resonates with the relationship between Sculpture and Dance.


Biblioteca de Serralves

17.09 | 5pm



Dance Cycle | Comer o Coração de Vera Mantero


"Artistic collaboration and transdisciplinarity are qualities of Vera Mantero's work admittedly present in her path. The artist defends the experimental artistic sharing, resonant and open to a disciplinary dialogue 'specialized in the whole', refusing to accept her dance 'as a given' and assuming continuous and in-depth research as imperatives for the invention of her works. Comer o Coração unites Vera Mantero's choreography and performance with Rui Chafes' drawing and sculpture, and marks the importance of this artistic collaboration in the creation of a singular work, conceived especially to represent Portugal at the 26th São Paulo Biennial in 2004, curated by Alexandre Melo.


Inscribed in the spatiality of parterre central to Serralves Park, the sculpture Comer o Coração (Eating the Heart) by Rui Chafes, paradoxically resistant and suspended, challenges us to a sensitive exercise of contemplation of the landscape, accentuated by the strangeness of the improvisation of the drawn, vulnerable and pulsating body of choreographer and performer Vera Mantero. An invitation to a meditative experience beyond what reality reveals to us and the place where we find ourselves."


Parque de Serralves

18.09 | 5pm


Source: Serralves



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