Rui Chafes | Launching of DIÁRIOS at Drawing Room

Galeria Filomena Soares is pleased to announce the launch of DIÁRIOS, by Rui Chafes, in the context of the Drawing Room on October 28th, Friday, between 5:30pm and 6:45pm.


Drawing is the basis of everything, my thinking, my work, my sculpture - even my words. ...These drawings here are my daily life ...Perhaps one's life is a mysterious, enigmatic story, without beginning or end. I almost have the impression that I could measure my life through these drawings...For me, the process of drawing with my hand and pencil and the process of writing are one and the same, and my ideas flow in a visual or verbal, but absolutely intimate way...It probably has more to do with the intuition behind writing a diary.

Rui Chafes


DIÁRIOS brings together drawings that the artist-sculptor has conceived over 30 years. Organized into different series, executed on different countries, papers, and materials, "when placed chronologically they reveal a vision of both solar and lunar powers capable of awakening the sleepers."


"Chafes' drawings are things of secrecy, magic and transformation. Shamanistic manifestations of inner thoughts, sadness, hope, fears, healing. They invoke demons, animal and plant deities, sexual impulses, prophetic curses, the ephemeral quality of life, the cycle of birth and death. Burning with collective subconscious lava, they are the good fight between the animal and God."


The 392-page hardcover book, which includes a 32-page booklet with a conversation between Rui Chafes, Delfim Sardo and Nuno Faria, with text in English and Portuguese, is published by Pierre von Kleist.


Source: Pierre von Kleist


© Pierre von Kleist



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