Rui Chafes

Rui Chafes - Burning

2017-01-12 | 2017-03-18

Galeria Filomena Soares has the pleasure to present the most recent works by Rui Chafes (Lisbon, 1966).

The exhibition Burning will open on the 12th of January 2017, at 21h30, and will be on view until the 18th of March 2017.


The show presents a series of 25 sculptures, of which 14 have been created in iron and are entitled Burning; the remaining 11 sculptures, named This is how it starts, are cast in bronze.


Regarding the new works, the artists has written:


"I search for a place, dark and empty, where words are not necessary. There, where you and I are still not present, you talk to me in a way that only makes sense to us. With your mute voice, you tell me that I want to go where I cannot. You ask me to let you go, but I believe you want to stay.


I see you going away, slowly, knowing that we will meet again, in another place, perhaps another time. Your hand no longer has the strength to reach for mine. Wait for me, I tell you. I think you can't hear me anymore.


Each day, I come near to this place, but I can't see it clearly yet. On your face, soft and almost absent, I always look for the way you want to show me. Maybe this place is but a word. Maybe it is but a farewell word.


With every hour that passes, I feel farther away from that unfinished cathedral which are the bones underneath your skin, your skull, the somber circles of your eyes so far away from mine. You sleep in the distance, in a growing silence. You slowly say goodbye, irreversibly. Day after day, you grow more distant and all becomes dark and cold.


I constantly make an effort to plant a forest inside your cathedral. I would like to see it flourish, occupying the entire space and giving it form, reaching solemnly for the sky so it lights up and makes the stars bloom.


When, finally, the delicate and fragile thread of foam that still unites us, bursts and you decide to leave, the grey and sad dust that surrounded us starts to settle, revealing the solitary silhouettes of the trees that rise up between your ruins.


Life is combustion, and we are always left with what remains after a permanent fire.  "You are no longer you", we say in that moment.


The place is in me. The sky is in you".


The exhibition Burning is open to the public and can be visited from Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 10hr to 20hr, at Galeria Filomena Soares, Rua da Manutenção  80, 1900-321, Lisbon, Portugal.